Saturday, July 23, 2011

Proposed Culver-Argos Wind Farm in Marshall County, Indiana

A Florida-based wind farm company, NextEra, has its sights on a 17 thousand acre area for the construction of 60+ wind turbines. The turbines are proposed to be app. 450 feet tall, about the height of a 45 story building. This wind farm would be located between Culver and Argos in Marshall County (West to East) and from Burr Oak/ Hibbard, Marshall County, to Richland Center in Fulton County (North to South). The wind turbines will be visible from Culver's scenic town park as well as all shores of Lake Maxinkuckee and miles of the surrounding farmland.

This blog about the Marshall County wind farm proposal contains opinion, first-hand observations, and information gathered from websites and articles about wind energy. Resources and links concerning wind energy, its potential health risks, bird and bat kills, property resale impact, government subsidies, and other information will be posted throughout the blog.
This  map shows Lake Maxinkuckee and southwest Marshall County. The area within the red is an approximation of the land being considered for the wind farm in southern Marshall County and Fulton County, Indiana. You will notice that the area is within a mile and a half of Lake Maxinkuckee and is at least ten times larger than the lake.

Because the wind farm would be so close to the lake, this would be like viewing the Indianapolis skyline from the beautiful shores of Maxinkuckee. 


  1. Thank you for sharing information on this project proposal.
    Meeting: Sat. Aug 13th at 10:00 in Culver Theater.
    There are 4 "Test Towers" now installed. Where are they and can we tour?
    What is the value of the energy produced compared to the cost to install and maintain? What will be the cost to remove them if they break or rust or the project fails? Will there be funds set aside to remove them if it fails?
    Thanks, Rick Baxter, 1460 E Shore Drive, Culver, IN. (317)846-6025

  2. Thank you for your question. First we want you to know that due to an expected large attendance, the meeting has been moved to the Culver Elementary School gym.
    We are aware of two test towers, but have heard that there are 3. They are on private property so it is not possible to tour them. Actually, there is not much to be seen. The towers are under 150 feet, without blades, and are for data collection.
    The county wind ordinance requires the wind company to put up a bond that would pay for the deconstruction of everything above ground and to 4 feet underground. The 16 x 16 foot pad actually goes 12 feet underground.
    As far as installation and maintenance costs are concerned, you could probably do a search online and find some information that way. If you are asking if they pay for themselves, the answer is no. They are subsidized by the government. The government of India, the country with the third most wind turbines in the world, is ceasing their subsidies. Given the financial condition of our government, one has to wonder if that could at some point happen here.

  3. Please read "What not to say" by John Droz, Jr. Your blog site is taking the tack that the wind energy industry - ESPECIALLY veteran developer Next Era - wants you to! They will be happy to debate, compromise, waste all your time - talking about bats and unproven health issues, and diverting attention away from the only issue that can bring them down.

    Tom Stacy