Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Health Effects

Health Effects in Humans are Potentially Attributable to Large Wind Turbines
Globally, doctors, pediatricians, and acousticians have been investigating reports and complaints from people who live near large wind turbines. The list of illnesses, symptoms,  and psychological effects is ominous. Some of these are:
   Memory loss
   Difficulty concentrating
   Ringing in the ears
   Pressure felt in the ears
Have you ever heard of Wind Turbine Syndrome? This is a term created by Dr. Nina Pierpont (New York pediatrician) to describe how low-frequency noise from wind turbines affects the inner ear.
Another common term used when discussing wind farms is Shadow Flicker. This is an almost strobe-like effect that happens when the sun is at a particular angle or there is a mix of sun and clouds and the blades are moving. People who are prone to seizures or epilepsy may be at risk in the vicinity of a wind farm due to shadow flicker.
There is concern about voltage (ground current) coming from the numerous lines and cables buried underground throughout wind farms. Can anyone definitively say that this has absolutely no effect on humans or even domestic or wild animals?
Dr. Bridget Osborne of North Wales wrote a paper for the Royal College of General Practitioners about how low-frequency noise from wind turbines appears to cause depression and other serious ailments in the people in her village, near which three large turbines were put up. Quoting Dr. Osborne’s paper: “When wind farm developers do surveys to assess the suitability of a site they measure the audible range of noise but never the infrasound measurement – the low-frequency noise that causes vibrations that you can feel through your feet and chest.”
Furthermore, Dr. Pierpont, among others, advises that wind turbines not be closer than 1 ¼ mile from a house or place where people live or work. This is more than 5 times the distance we are told would be required for the wind farm in Southwestern Marshall County.  
The Danish government has stopped building on-shore wind turbines due to public outcry. Their country has been in the wind power business for nearly 30 years!
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