Monday, August 15, 2011

Information sheet from Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011, meeting in Culver

The Facts:
·         A Florida-based wind farm company, NextEra, has proposed a 17,000+ acre area for the construction of 60+ wind turbines. The wind farm would be located between Culver and Argos in Marshall County (West to East) and from Burr Oak/Hibbard, Marshall County, to Richland Center in Fulton County (North to South).
·         The turbines are proposed to be app. 450 feet tall, about the height of a 38 to 45-story building.
·         The wind turbines will be visible from Culver's scenic town park as well as all shores of Lake Maxinkuckee, the Town of Argos, and miles of surrounding farmland.
·         The sound from the turbines can carry 1.5 miles, farther over rolling terrain and water. Sound described as “like a cement mixer in the sky.”
·         Marshall County requires that turbines be placed only 1,000 feet from homes, although globally, doctors recommend that they not be located within 1.5 miles (7,920 feet) of a home.
·         A NextEra representative has stated that the wind energy produced will not be used locally!

Potential Resulting Problems:
·         Reported decrease in property value and re-sale value for land and homes next to or within sight of a wind farm can be as much as 30%. Land value where one or more turbine is situated actually increases because of the income the land owner receives from the wind energy company.
·         Visual and audio disturbances to our everyday life: “shadow flicker” and persistent noise.
·         Addition of cell phone and radio towers on land leased for a wind farm, at the company’s discretion.
·         Threat to wildlife: wind turbines kill birds and bats both of which are necessary to our fragile ecosystem and bats in particular play a vital role on farms in the way insect control and pollination.
·         Serious threats to human and animal health and well-being: symptoms of those living near wind farms include headache, nausea, blurred vision, sleeplessness, ringing/buzzing in ears, dizziness and vertigo, memory & concentration problems, and depression.

Misconceptions about Wind Energy:
·         Wind energy is free. No! Wind energy is not economically viable and comes at an ultimately higher cost than our current energy sources. The wind industry is heavily subsidized (funded) by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.
·         Electric rates in our local area will go down. No! NextEra has stated that our local electric rates will increase.
·         The energy generated will be used locally. No! A NextEra representative said that the wind energy from this particular farm will not be used locally and may be sold out of state.
·         The wind farm will help to decrease our country’s dependence on foreign oil. No!  In the U.S., electricity is generated by U.S. coal, natural gas, and in some regions, nuclear plants.
What Can You Do?
·         Sign the petition against the proposed wind farm. Your voice counts!
·         Use this handout and our blog to educate your neighbors and friends.
·         Post questions and comments (can be anonymous) to our blog.

Additional Resources; Do your own Research:
·         “Shadow Flicker” YouTube video:
·         Wind turbine noise YouTube video:
*       Property value/resale value impact studies:
  Health concerns:


  1. I am a property owner within the proposed area. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting in Culver. How do I sign the petition?

  2. My name is Maggie Thomas . I have a new page up called Hoosiers Against Wind Farms.
    You are alone. there are many other such sites for the counties in Indiana who have or soon will these giant useless eye sores. Visit the page and then email me if you are interested in joinging forces to help each other to battle these developers one at a time until their deadlines and sundaown bills are exhausted. When their funding is cut off the counties will be left holding the bag. We as taxpayers are already on the hook.
    Iwatch and visit these 2 sites everyday. You will be amazed at how often the wind turbine industry is the news. Hoosiers are being snookered over this boondoggle of wind energy.
    Recently even Donal Trump came out against them. Please, please write me back. Whitely county concerned Citizens is also fighting the same battle and we went to the meeting and met with a great guy Professor McKowen ,you must read his stuff it's all the sites listed above. and